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Another wet weekend!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

So we’ve had the last Bank Holiday in the UK until Christmas and by the end of this week most of the schools and colleges will either have reopened for the Autumn term or will preparing for an imminent start. So too will The Franchise Training Centre. Our Autumn programme begins on September 13th with ‘Speed Up Your Network Growth’, a two-day workshop designed to help you recruit more and better franchisees.
If you really want a scary experience go here

However a few days before that, we launch our first Franchisee Recruitment MasterClass for senior executives. Most of the FTC workshops are designed to develop franchise management skills amongst the franchisor team delegates. This MasterClass, however, is designed to leave Senior Executives and Directors with the understanding of, and a strategy for, developing a 21st Century approach to recruitment marketing.

Using the internet to provide a recruitment website and entries in various Franchise Recruitment portals is simply no longer enough, in retrospect it never was, particularly if they are designed to generate large numbers of leads. Franchisors in the know have realised they don’t want an ever-increasing number of leads, they want fewer, better quality leads and two years of research into developing practices elsewhere in the world has shown us how they are doing this.

Implementing these new processes will take some time so if you have plans to increase your recruitment targets for 2013 now is the time to start working on them and you might just see some benefit during the latter part of 2012.


Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

…to the first few candidates who have been awarded the bfa’s Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP). Simon Bartholomew, MD of Oscar’s Petfoods, Mark Scott, Director, Franchise Development RBS / NatWest and three members of our own team, Shirley Hughes of The Franchise Careers Centre, Brian Duckett, Chairman of The Franchising Centre and last, and probably least, my good self. All have completed the mandatory aspects of the qualification and gained at least 3000 points, the required number to achieve this new qualification.  There are, I understand, a good number of other candidates who are very close to achieving QFP status and I look forward to being able to acknowledge their achievements in later posts.

The QFP qualification, like The Diploma in Franchise Management, is designed to recognise those in the sector who have committed themselves to a course of continual personal development in order to stay at the forefront of current best practice in franchising. With few, if any, opportunities for formal academic qualifications in franchising, this opportunity for peer recognition is to be welcomed.

For further information on any aspect of training and personal development visit The Franchise Training Centre website where you can make an enquiry on any training matter.

It’s official – I’m a Twit

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

I’m not really sure whether that’s the right term for someone who tweets but I’ve just signed up to Twitter –  Last week’s bfa specialist seminar on social media was both well-attended and well delivered. It certainly raised my awareness of the rapid growth of the various social media and their different roles in general brand building and particularly in the new processes being used in franchise recruitment marketing. The way people communicate with each other has changed dramatically over the last few years. Letters have all but disappeared, most fax machine gather dust in the corner, (remember when a fax was the latest gadget? It wasn’t all that long ago) and it is no longer sufficient just to know how to e-mail.

My first Tweet, they tell me, was made available to the WORLD this morning, not that it contained anything earth shattering, and, rather like my intermittent blogging, I’ll slowly learn what use it can be to me and others. What I do know already is that as these new communications systems develop, and they will, we need to keep abreast of them and learn how they can be of help to our businesses.  Fortunately there are people out there who can help us and some of them presented at the seminar last week.

Recent research by Yahoo suggested that over 80% of  buyers did their research and often made their purchase on-line. We’ve known for a long time that this was happening because there is plenty of evidence that that is the way people are researching into franchise opportunities. Are they finding what they want when they search for ‘that’ opportunity? I wonder. 

Oh – in case anyone is interested – my first granddaughter arrived during last week’s Franchise Training Centre workshop – and yes I did leave my phone switched on!

Breaking My Own ‘Golden Rule’

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

When delivering Franchise Training Centre workshops I always, but always, turn off my mobile phone and request everyone else to do so. The request sometimes seems to fall on deaf ears and there have even been occasions when a delegate has been receiving and sending e-mails during the course of the workshop. Perhaps I must work harder at holding their attention or perhaps for them nothing is more important than their electronic life support system!

However, next Tuesday I will break my own Golden Rule – subject to the approval of the delegates at the ‘How to Monitor Franchisees Performance’ workshop. You see on that day, unless it happens earlier, I will become a grandfather for the first time and I want to know about it as soon as it happens. I know there will be the usual series of wise-cracks about how old I must be but you see I’m just not bothered – I’ve learnt the secret of eternal youth which I shared with you in last week’s blog.

I’m still learning all the time and I have again made changes to the next workshop, ‘Speed Up Your Network Growth’ to incorporate the latest thinking on marketing for and recruiting franchisees. There are still franchisors that haven’t learnt the secret of how making a simple change, which takes a few minutes to effect and costs nothing, can have a major effect on their lead generation results. Those that have done it are stealing a march on all the others. 

To book on either of these workshops, which are both mandatory elements of the bfa‘s QFP programme contact but do it soon!

How to Stay Young Forever!

Monday, February 7th, 2011

I was meaning to add something to the Blog last week but didn’t, so I determined that I had to write something today before getting ready for tomorrow’s franchisor training workshop on How to Avoid Litigation.
 One of the advantages of working from my home office is more flexible working hours and, when I can, I take advantage of this to listen to Brian D’Arcy’s  ‘Pause for Thought’ on Monday’s edition of the Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show. I’m glad I did this morning because he announced the secret of how to stay young forever. It wasn’t his secret; it was something said many years ago by Henry Ford but I hadn’t heard it before – he said “Anyone who stops learning is old; anyone who continues learning is young whether they are 18 or 80”. What a gift of a quote for anyone involved in training and personal development!
One of the ‘kicks’ I get out of delivering the Franchise Training Workshops is when someone, and it’s by no means always me, says something that prompts lights to go on in the other delegates’ eyes. That to me is the sign that ‘learning’ has suddenly taken place. But now I know that everyone has also just got a bit younger – Double Bonus!
Want to stay young forever? Now you know how to do it.

Recruitment Marketing

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Well… the Marketing and Communications and the IT chaps have set up this Blog facility and told me it’s yet another way to communicate with the world of franchising so I suppose I had better use it! I’ve received a comprehensive document on how to upload comments – although it’s largely in computer-speak – but that’s not to say I’ve been trained on how to use it, so whether these comments ever see the light of day remains to be seen.
I’ve just finished updating some research I started a couple of years ago on franchisee recruitment marketing. I’ll be including my findings in the next series of Franchising Workshops which start shortly (for details of these, just click on the link in the words Franchising Workshops).
Last year’s research showed that just over two thirds of all franchisors could probably improve their lead generation by making one simple change to their marketing activity. The change would take a couple of minutes to implement and cost nothing. My most recent research indicates that whilst a slightly higher proportion have included this little change the majority of franchisors are still missing out on this powerful lead generation tool.
I’ll be including this and other information on the new generation of franchisee recruitment marketing in the upcoming ’Speed Up Your Network Growth’ workshop which is one of the core elements of the BFA QFP qualification as well as The Franchise Diploma. Perhaps I’ll see some of you there to learn what new activities are driving franchisee recruitment in a whole new direction.

Become a true franchise professional

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Now is the time to book your places on our Franchise Workshops this Spring.

The British Franchise Association’s QFP qualification has dramatically increased bookings for our workshops. Whether you are working towards our Diploma in Franchise Management, the BFA’s QFP qualification or just doing ad hoc workshops it’s important to BOOK EARLY or you’ll miss out!

The four QFP Core workshops are:

How to Find and Recruit More Franchisees (500 QFP points)

Know How and What Your Franchisees are Doing (250 QFP points)

Inspire Your Franchisees to Perform Better (250 QFP points)

Franchisee Accounts – A Powerful Working Tool (500 QFP points)

NOTE: Due to a clash of dates with the BFA Regional Meetings this workshop has been brought forward a week and will now be held on 18th & 19th January. It will take place in the Midlands and costs £650 (plus vat), per delegate. Please book now to confirm your place. Click here for the latest training dates and course outlines, call 01904 561598 or email for more information.