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Breaking My Own ‘Golden Rule’

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

When delivering Franchise Training Centre workshops I always, but always, turn off my mobile phone and request everyone else to do so. The request sometimes seems to fall on deaf ears and there have even been occasions when a delegate has been receiving and sending e-mails during the course of the workshop. Perhaps I must work harder at holding their attention or perhaps for them nothing is more important than their electronic life support system!

However, next Tuesday I will break my own Golden Rule – subject to the approval of the delegates at the ‘How to Monitor Franchisees Performance’ workshop. You see on that day, unless it happens earlier, I will become a grandfather for the first time and I want to know about it as soon as it happens. I know there will be the usual series of wise-cracks about how old I must be but you see I’m just not bothered – I’ve learnt the secret of eternal youth which I shared with you in last week’s blog.

I’m still learning all the time and I have again made changes to the next workshop, ‘Speed Up Your Network Growth’ to incorporate the latest thinking on marketing for and recruiting franchisees. There are still franchisors that haven’t learnt the secret of how making a simple change, which takes a few minutes to effect and costs nothing, can have a major effect on their lead generation results. Those that have done it are stealing a march on all the others. 

To book on either of these workshops, which are both mandatory elements of the bfa‘s QFP programme contact but do it soon!

How to Stay Young Forever!

Monday, February 7th, 2011

I was meaning to add something to the Blog last week but didn’t, so I determined that I had to write something today before getting ready for tomorrow’s franchisor training workshop on How to Avoid Litigation.
 One of the advantages of working from my home office is more flexible working hours and, when I can, I take advantage of this to listen to Brian D’Arcy’s  ‘Pause for Thought’ on Monday’s edition of the Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show. I’m glad I did this morning because he announced the secret of how to stay young forever. It wasn’t his secret; it was something said many years ago by Henry Ford but I hadn’t heard it before – he said “Anyone who stops learning is old; anyone who continues learning is young whether they are 18 or 80”. What a gift of a quote for anyone involved in training and personal development!
One of the ‘kicks’ I get out of delivering the Franchise Training Workshops is when someone, and it’s by no means always me, says something that prompts lights to go on in the other delegates’ eyes. That to me is the sign that ‘learning’ has suddenly taken place. But now I know that everyone has also just got a bit younger – Double Bonus!
Want to stay young forever? Now you know how to do it.