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It’s official – I’m a Twit

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

I’m not really sure whether that’s the right term for someone who tweets but I’ve just signed up to Twitter –  Last week’s bfa specialist seminar on social media was both well-attended and well delivered. It certainly raised my awareness of the rapid growth of the various social media and their different roles in general brand building and particularly in the new processes being used in franchise recruitment marketing. The way people communicate with each other has changed dramatically over the last few years. Letters have all but disappeared, most fax machine gather dust in the corner, (remember when a fax was the latest gadget? It wasn’t all that long ago) and it is no longer sufficient just to know how to e-mail.

My first Tweet, they tell me, was made available to the WORLD this morning, not that it contained anything earth shattering, and, rather like my intermittent blogging, I’ll slowly learn what use it can be to me and others. What I do know already is that as these new communications systems develop, and they will, we need to keep abreast of them and learn how they can be of help to our businesses.  Fortunately there are people out there who can help us and some of them presented at the seminar last week.

Recent research by Yahoo suggested that over 80% of  buyers did their research and often made their purchase on-line. We’ve known for a long time that this was happening because there is plenty of evidence that that is the way people are researching into franchise opportunities. Are they finding what they want when they search for ‘that’ opportunity? I wonder. 

Oh – in case anyone is interested – my first granddaughter arrived during last week’s Franchise Training Centre workshop – and yes I did leave my phone switched on!